Mission and Ministry

Our Mission and Ministry

Jesus said that love of God and neighbor is the foundation of the law and the prophets and 1st John declares "God is love". Therefore, our ministry and mission is to better understand love as expressed in the Christian tradition, to allow it to transform our lives, and to live out its implications in our world.

We do this by:

  • Worshipping God who is at the center of all things;
  • Educating children, youth and adults in the Christian tradition;
  • Serving the needs of the world as an expression of God’s love;
  • Seeking peace and justice in our life together and in the world.

An Open and Affirming Church

One shape our mission takes is to be an Open and Affirming church.  We spent a year in conversation as a congregation, trying to understand what it means to be welcoming as a Christian Church.  At the close of that time the congregation voted to accept this statement as our Welcoming Statement:

"We, the people of South Congregational Church, believe that all people are created in God's image, and are loved and blessed by God.   We are an open congregation that welcomes all persons including those of any age, race, gender, nationality, faith background, economic and social status, marital standing, family structure, physical or mental health and ability, and sexual orientation or gender identity.  We affirm that all people are children of God, and are invited to participate in the full membership, leadership, sacraments, and blessings of this church."

Our Vision Statement

Another defining aspect of our Mission and Ministry is the way we interact with each other and with the world.  Our Decade of Ministry Committee developed a Vision Statement to clarify a direction for our common life.  This overarching vision affects the culture of South Church; from committee meetings beginning in a moment of silence and reflection, to our prayful consideration of all issues affecting our community, to the types of programs for promoting spiritual growth that we choose to offer.  This statement reads: 
"South Church is a dynamic community that empowers individuals to discover their gifts and discern God’s call to fulfill God’s mission.”

Family Gathering Events

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Sunday Services

Service Times

  • 8:30 am ~ Meditative
  • 10:00 am ~ Celebrative



Everyone is welcome to partake of communion.

  • 1st Sunday Each Month


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