Who Are the People of South Church?

We are people who pray.  Not that we believe God is magically going to grant our every request, but that we seek to be connected to that force which is at work within us, between us and beyond us.  That force the writer of 1st John speaks of when he says, “God is love.”  We pray because we know we belong to something much larger, the Spirit, and we trust that its movement will guide us to become the persons and the people we are called to be. 

We are people who pray for each other.  That is, we not only belong to God, but through God, we belong to each other, and so we hold each other in the presence of God through whatever joys or sorrows we might be living.  We hold our older brothers and sisters who are vulnerable to the vagaries and losses of aging.  We hold our children and youth who are vulnerable to the threats and temptations of our culture.  We hold our midlife adults who are vulnerable to the multiple responsibilities they carry on their shoulders. 

We are people who love and serve each other and the world.  We love and serve our brothers and sisters in faith because we are entangled in a holy mission.  We love and serve our neighbors and our enemies because we are connected to them through God.  Love can begin in a feeling that finds expression in deeds, or love can begin with action that leads to affection--but it is not love without service. 

We are people of generosity and joy.  Yes, there are numerous stresses and struggles in life, but they are not our focus.  Our central stance is one of gratitude and wonder:  we celebrate the gift of life and seek to help life flourish for whomever we can, however we can, whenever we can! 

This is South Church—you hear it in our music, you see it in our caring ministry, God’s Taxi, Kaleidoscope Corner, worship, youth group, mission, even Council and Board meetings—joyous, generous people, who pray, love and serve God, each other, and the world!

This is who we are!

Rev. Denny Moon

South Church is a community of many different kinds of people. Like "One body has many parts", so South Church has many facets. Here are some of the ways of looking at South Church.

This is not an exhaustive list.

Church Body

  • 333 Members
  • 300 Active Worshippers
  • 65 Children
  • 48 Youth
  • 12 Council Members
  • 48 Committee Members
  • 6 Paid Staff


  • 40 Insurance Professionals
  • 28 Service Delivery Professionals
  • 20 Healthcare Providers
  • 18 Tradespeople
  • 16 Finance Professionals
  • 15 Educators
  • 12 Salespeople
  • 9 Business Owners
  • 1 Professional Pie Maker
  • 2 Innkeepers
  • 3 Mental Health Professionals
  • 3 Rock Band Members
  • 1 99 Year Old
  • 1/3 Retirees
  • 1/3 Former Catholics (not the same 1/3)
  • 1/3 U.C.C. Lifers


  • 4 Buildings
  • 10 Towns
  • 2 States
  • 6 Acres


  • 2 Annual Mission Trips
  • 1 Steinway
  • 1,500 pumpkins

Family Gathering Events

  • 1
  • 2

Sunday Services

Service Times

  • 8:30 am ~ Meditative
  • 10:00 am ~ Celebrative



Everyone is welcome to partake of communion.

  • 1st Sunday Each Month


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  • No matter where you are on life's journey, you are welcome here,
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